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Our departments


Founder and creator of the company, the heart and mind of Zeta s.r.l.

Roberto Riccio

Ceo & Founder

Roberto Di Palma

Ceo & Founder

Administrative manager and CEO of the company.


Commercial director of Zeta s.r.l.

Gaetano Papa

Sales management

Accounting manager of Zeta s.r.l.

Manuela Di Napoli


Giovanni Biglietti

Logistic Head

The head of logistics and production.


Expert in the field of certifications.

Lorenza Esposito


La Zeta is a reality born in Italy from the ideas and innovations of Roberto Riccio. Years of commitment and sacrifice have led the company to become a European leader in the distribution and production of medical devices and products for the well-being of the body.
Zeta is a company that works in a professional and dynamic way in order to offer innovative products of high quality thanks also to its research and quality laboratory and its ISO 13485 certified factory. Thanks to continuous evolution, Zeta today takes care of the well-being of 360 ° person


Zeta ….. close to your well-being.

Our mission is to become the reference company for all those innovative products focused on the well-being of all people in the world. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.Over the years, our commitment and our technologies have allowed us to gain trust from all those people who today consider us a valid ally against muscle pain, menstrual pain and all those factors of discomfort due to to cold winter days or everyday stress. We study to increase our development and product segment.

La nostra Filosofia, ingranaggi, lampadina e uomo

We believe in the growth of the group, in the vision of the same goal, loyalty, excellence and innovation are our beliefs.

Our thinking is …

Well-being is a state that involves all aspects of the human being, and characterizes the quality of life of every single person within a society.

Well-being therefore consists in the best possible balance between the biological level, the psychic level and the social level of the individual; the condition of well-being is of a dynamic nature.

Our philosophy is to be the balance point of well-being, having as its ultimate goal the serenity and protection of man.